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This site is designed to help educators and students explore the Hood Museum of Art’s collection of Native American art.

It features over 100 objects grouped thematically from four regions of North America.

Its goals are to: 

  • encourage teachers to integrate original works of art into their study of Native American culture and history
  • help educators and students build skills for looking carefully and thinking critically about works of art 
  • expand awareness of and appreciation for the accomplishments of Native American artists 
  • promote best practices in the teaching of Native American culture and history.

Works of art are primary documents. Created by individuals living at a particular time and place, they provide a complex, nuanced view into culture.

The objects speak for themselves. As you explore, themes will emerge across cultures. Themes like:

  • reverence for the natural world
  • pride in traditions and identity
  • continuity and innovation
  • sustainability
  • valuing community over the individual
  • extraordinary craftsmanship
  • endurance

This site, the related Native America Map and Advanced Search, object images, videos and resources were made possible in part by a federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

For teachers

Read our Teacher's Guide for more information about how to work with this resource and incorporate the material in your classroom.